Helen and Jinx come top of the class

Helen Perryman and her border collie Jinx are looking to win gold after being selected to represent Wales.

A DOG trainer from Yarcombe and her talented canine came top of the class and are preparing to take on the world after being chosen to represent Wales in a world agility competition.

Helen Perryman, 47, who grew up in Anglesey North Wales before moving to the Honiton area, has been selected to represent the Welsh team with her border collie Jinx in the World Agility Championship in Belgium next May.

The pair wowed the judges during the trial stages to secure a place in the three day dog agility event, which will pit their skills against teams from around the world.

Jinx had the second highest points during the trials, which tested her skills over five rounds.

Helen runs Just Dogs South West agility and pet dog training club as a volunteer in Feniton and has been training dogs for 20 years and competing in dog agility events for 12 years.

“It is fabulous to get to represent my country and it is amazing to be able to do a competition like this,” she says.

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“Taking part is huge as it is a big event in the dog world. We have worked hard to get there.”

She added: “Jinx is one of the most talented dogs I have had. We would like to do really well in the competition and come back with a gold medal but even if we don’t I will still be bringing the best dog home with me.”

The pair now have a tough training schedule ahead of them to ensure they are both in tip top shape for the competition next year. For more information or dog training enquiries call Helen on (01404) 861587.