Home appeal father threatened with castration

Poison pen letter delivered to family’s Honiton home.

THE author of an anonymous poison pen letter has threatened to castrate a Honiton father - after reading his appea1 for a larger council home in last week’s Midweek Herald.

James Manley, who lives with his pregnant wife, Ann-Marie, and four children in a two bedroom flat, received the letter last Saturday morning. It was delivered by Royal Mail and was posted locally, second class, on Wednesday or Thursday last week.

“I was horrified,” Mr Manley told the Midweek Herald.

The matter has been reported to police, who have the letter.

Our original story about the Manley family’s housing plight had to be removed from the Midweek Herald website amid fears of further threats.

More on this story and reader reaction to last week’s front page in tomorrow’s Midweek Herald.