Honiton bomb scare update

POLICE and bomb disposal experts have been called to Kings Road in Honiton this morning.

POLICE and bomb disposal experts have been called to Kings Road in Honiton this morning.

An incendiary device, believed to be many years old and possibly used for training purposes, has been removed from a garden.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, described the bomb as a 'nuisance' and said she had called the council to remove it.

She said: "I have had it [the bomb] in my garden for absolutely ages and wanted to dispose of it. I rang the council this morning - and all this happens.

"I believe it belonged to the previous owner, who collected curios. I've just lived with it for so long, but finally got round to getting rid of it."

She dismissed reports that she had been using it as a washing line.

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No evacuation was necessary and experts said the worst that could happen was "a puff of smoke".

Police said they were called out at 10am and contacted the army disposal unit.

Sgt Chris Chamings said he considered closing the A35 but was informed by experts that the bomb was safe and would be collected.

He said: "I would say such things are unusual but not unheard of."

Bomb disposal expert Ray Ollier, a warrant officer, class 2, with the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC), said: "If you're not happy with something don't touch it. Call the police, who will get in touch with us if they're concerned."

RLC Sgt Craig Lynch said the bomb, which was originally blue and painted green, was one used for training.

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