'A mile with a smile' as carers stroll in Sidmouth

Honiton Carers Support Group in the Byes, Sidmouth

Carers & ex-carers including Ambassadors Pam Staunton, Ann Mitchell, Winnie Cameron & ex-ambassador Don Mitchell, at the Byes, Sidmouth - Credit: Honiton Carers

A group of Honiton’s unpaid carers spent the afternoon in Sidmouth walking in the Byes and along the seafront on Saturday, June 11. 

They strolled from Livonia Way, through the Byes and on to the Ham, and then along the Esplanade to the Mocha Restaurant for refreshments. Afterwards, some went for a second walk along the seafront before the group travelled back to Honiton. 

Winnie Cameron, chair of Honiton Carers Support Group, said: “Most of the carers and volunteers are aged over 75 and have some form of disability, which makes it difficult for them to do a walk like we did. 

“However, it’s amazing how you forget your aches and pains when you walk in a group and chat about the beautiful scenery and old memories. Every single one of us walked the complete distance from Livonia Way to Mocha, yet before we set out several of us did not think we could do even half. It just shows what peer support does to one’s health and wellbeing.”