Honiton Community Centre: Your questions answered

Honiton Town Council answers readers' questions about the proposed Beehive Community Centre.

How will the financial details be scrutinised?

The financial details will be scrutinised by professional financial advisers as part of the business plan process.

Does the town council need new offices if its current responsibilities are reduced by local government reorganisation?

The indications are that local government reorganisation would put more responsibilities on town councils, not less. Independent of this, the town council needs office and civic space that is fit for purpose and, being dual purpose wherever possible, can also be used by the local community.

Will The Beehive use all the latest technology to save energy such as solar power etc?

Will rainwater be recycled, for example toilets? What is the carbon footprint?

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A full preliminary renewable energy feasibility study has been carried out and all options for renewable technology are being considered.

Will the building be accessible to all in every part, including people with disabilities, ie wheelchair users and the hard of hearing?

Yes - full disabled access is being built into the plans

Will the hire charges reflect ability to pay, eg new groups, charities, children and young people?

Charges will be agreed with the centre manager, when he or she is appointed, and due considerations of all these points will be taken into account at that time.

Will there be any outreach - applying for funds for "hard to reach" people, community development, formation of new "need" groups, etc?

There will be outreach and this will be the consideration of the "Use of the Centre" sub committee. Anybody with any particular interest/expertise in outreach would be most welcome.

What will become of the Mackarness Hall, which is about to be returned by EDDC to the church? EDDC is to carry out improvements before the handover.

The community centre and the Mackarness Hall can fulfil different functions and complement each other, and talks are already taking place with St Paul's on this. Any refurbishment and development of the Mackarness Hall is the responsibility of EDDC and will become the responsibility of St Paul's in the next financial year.

Will there be a referendum of all the town's council taxpayers?

The town council has consulted widely with the public throughout the life of this project and a sub-committee is currently looking at how this should be continued as the project develops.

The town council represents the whole community and it is important that everyone has a voice, including young people.