Honiton Community College - lower school awards evening

Full list of award winners.

School Results

Year 7

Highest Performance, Most Improved.

English: Johanne Gorman, Luke Jansma; Mathematics: Nadine Guyett and Ben Williams (Joint Winners), Hayley Moxom; Science: William Taylor, Joshua Loud; PLaTS: Outstanding Contribution Award: Team Working: Ella George; Creative Writing: George Catcher; Independent Enquiry: Tegan Shilson; Self-Management: Lauren Hunt; Effective Participation: Ben Mason; Reflective Learning: Ben Sullivan; Modern Languages: French – William Tyers, Joshua Loud; Information Technology: Joseph Binmore, Matthew Jackson; ASDAN Outstanding Contribution Award: Improving Own Learning – Nikita Sothers; Oral Presentation: Georgina Panayi; Discussion: Jessica Jacobs; Research: Lauren Hunt; Working with others: Luke Spiller; Problem Solving: Beatrice Bandyszewka; Physical Education: Boys: William Tyers; Girls: Paige Fahy; Pastoral Award: Boys: Paul Watkins; girls Jessica Donovan; Governors’ Award: Boys: William Tyers; Girls: Nadine Guyett; Most Improved: Jedidiah Gray; Highest Commendations: Georgina Panayi.

Year 8

English: Hazel Tucker, Samuel White; Mathematics: Lucy Lear and Megan Hawkins (Joint Winners), Rachel Crowe; Science: Tommy Gillard, Sarah Wood; Humanities: Geography: Billy Reed, Clare Lemon; History: Ella Symonds, Jonathan Greenwell; Religious Studies: Harriet Wallis, Ayse Huggett; Modern Languages: French: Jack O’Riordan, Benjamin Kidson; Spanish: Matt Tippin, Katie Durrant; Information Technology: Connie Wilson, Hannah Jenkins; Creative Arts & technology: Music: Kai Fletcher and Hazel Tucker (Joint Winners); Art: Katie Durrant, Michaela Spiller; resistant Materials & graphics: Jake Pratt, Ella Symonds; Textiles: Rebecca Bell, Luke Oxford; Vocational Educational: Food Technology: Megan Hawkins, Jack Murrell; Physical Education: Boys: Billy Reed; Girls: Fiona Laramy; Pastoral award: Boys: Thomas Hembrow; Girls: Fiona Laramy; Governors’ Award: Boys: Tommy Gillard; Girls: Megan Hawkins; Most Improved: Jack Murrell; Highest Commendations: Ruari Edwards.

Most Read

Year 9

English: Samuel Johnson, Ebony Lacy; Mathematics: Max Mason, Jasmine Marchant; Science: Rory Norrington, Ione Pidgeon; Humanities: geography: Polly Bucknall, Rhiannon Fowle; History: Samuel Johnson, Abigail Munt; Religious Studies: Alessandra Cobban, Ashley Trudgeon; Modern Languages: French: Lara Drake, Jasmine Marchant; Spanish: Matthew Cann, Frederica Lemon; Information Technology: Molly Nursey, Jack Dare; Creative Arts & Technology: Music: Darcey Williams-Alleway; Frederica Lemon; Drama: Ione Pidgeon, Poppy Northcott; Resistant Materials & Graphics: Max Mason, Kieren Sluman; Tommy Fox, Matthew Murrell; Textiles: Rowanne Small, Matthew Trechmann; Vocational Education: Food Technology: Oliver Fuller, Amabel Jeffries; Physical Education: Boys: Ryan Dunn; Girls: Pollyanna Briant; Pastoral Awards: Boys: Elliot Leach; Girls Alice Kingston and Darcey Williams-Alleway (Joint Winners); Governors’ Award: Boys: Max Mason; Girls: Ione Pidgeon; Most Improved: Frederica Lemon; Highest Commendations: Joseph Robson

Subject Cup Winners

English: Samuel Johnson; Mathematics: Max Mason; Science: Rory Norrington; Technology: Rowanne Small; Humanities: Polly Bucknall; Modern Languages: Lara Drake; Information Technology: Molly Nursey; Creative Arts: Ione Pidgeon; Sportswoman: Pollyanna Briant; Sportsman: Ryan Dunn; Governors’ Awards: Boys: Max Mason; Girls: Ione Pidgeon.

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