Honiton Community College: Students' achievements recognised at awards ceremony

Honiton Community College Upper College Achievements Evening took place on Thursday, September 17, and was a celebration of students achievement in Key Stages 4 and 5.

Honiton Community College Upper College Achievements Evening took place on Thursday, September 17, and was a celebration of students' achievement in Key Stages 4 and 5.

College staff and governors have offered their congratulations to the award winners and to all students for working hard during the past year.

Award winners:


English Jessica Doe, Szymon Kohland

Mathematics Thomas Shepherd, Matthew Baily

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Science Beth Hutchings, Bethany Neely

Geography Oliver Cave, Joshua Gamble

History Beth Hutchings, Oliver Loader

Economics Robert Kingdon, Matthew Reed

Religious Studies Molly Tyers, Rebecca Witt

French Molly Tyers, Jessica Doe

Spanish George Cox, Conon Carter

IT Emily Dunn, Jorin Crean

Music Josie Denning, Warren Davey

Art Sophie Weir, Katie Richards

Drama Natasha Haward, David Shuttleworth

Photography Rebecca Witt, Ashley Ablett

Resistant Materials Rikki Trim, Matthew Baily

Graphics Annabel Frost, Charles Wright

Citizenship Bethany Norris, Jack Ashford

Business Studies Molly Tyers, Matthew Waldron

Leisure & Tourism Francesca Harry, Sapphire Jones

Health & Social Care Jemma Butt

Sportsman of the Year Matthew Reed

Sportswoman of the Year Rachael Hopkins

Pastoral Award Vanessa Lomas

Governors' Award Molly Tyers


English Emma Weir, Corrie Payne

Mathematics Kyle Bonetta-Martin, Luke Lemon

Science Arron King, Emma Weir, Tayseer Elmaghdy

Geography Megan Robertson, Thomas Dunn

History Fern Chugg, Selina Small

Economics Kathryn Maddern, Robert Price

Religious Studies Fern Chugg, Samuel Bath

French Elizabeth Parker, Abigail Bramhall

Spanish Emma Weir, Ryan Witt

IT Sarah Hurford, Foyezur Rahman

Music Kyle Bonetta-Martin, Connor Williams

Art Lucinda Reeves, Hugh Waters, Mahler Fox

Drama Ezekiel Chattell, Saskia Layburn

Photography Vanessa Allen, Luke Lemon

Resistant Materials Jennifer Hole, Michelle Cook

Citizenship Kathryn Maddern, Foyezur Rahman

Business Studies Thomas Dunn, Jessica Allen

Leisure & Tourism Fern Chugg, Lauren Hayes

Health & Social Care Elizabeth Parker, Lucinda Reeves,

Jessica Roberts

Food Technology Sarah Hurford, Kirsty Sanders

Child Development Kelly Avery

Sportsman of the Year Alexander Cave

Sportswoman of the Year Kelly Kennard

Pastoral Award Hugh Waters

Governors' Award Fern Chugg


Vocational A Levels Kerry Keating, Rachel Grove

AS Level Daniel Paterson, Philippa Hodgson,

Jessica Evans, Jack Dixon

Contribution to the Sixth Form Jack Dixon


Vocational A Levels Ruth Parker

A Levels Caroline Hole, Thomas Clemo, Elisa Cunningham,

Leo Jefferson, Rachael Olive, Alexander Beighton

Contribution to the Sixth Form Elisa Cunningham


HSBC Trophy for Governors' Award Year 10, Molly Tyers

Price Trophy for English, Emma Weir

Hendy Trophy for Mathematics, Kyle Bonetta-Martin

Perkins Trophy for Science, Aaron King and Emma Weir

Olive Trophy for Technology, Jennifer Hole

Vallender Trophy for Humanities, Fern Chugg

Corke Trophy for Modern Languages, Elizabeth Parker

Cantle Trophy for Creative Arts, Ezekiel Chattell

Boots Trophy for Physical Education, Alexander Cave

and Kelly Kennard

Yates Trophy for Governors' Award Year 11, Fern Chugg

College Cup Lower Sixth, Jack Dixon

College Cup Upper Sixth, Caroline Hole

Tirard Trophy, Thomas Clemo

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