Emergency plan provididng essential support to people struggling with Covid-19 pandemic in Honiton

Many businessses in Honiton are now closed due to the coronavirus.

Many businessses in Honiton are now closed due to the coronavirus. - Credit: Archant

Dozens of people across Honiton have banded together throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to offer vital supplies and supports to isolated and vulnerable people across the parish.

The scheme, called Honiton Coronavirus Community Advice and Support Network, is an ever-changing plan which is catered to the changing face of the pandemic, which has claimed thousands of lives across the UK.

Heather Penwarden, chair of Honiton Hospital and Community League of Friends, said: “A huge amount of work has been done by many individuals over the past few days to bring together an emergency plan.

“This work in ongoing and the plan will be built upon as the situation develops and unfolds.

“The aim is to help people keep safe themselves and support their own families, friends and neighbours.

“The community plan will be there to advise, guide and support those in need across all ages where for whatever reason they have no other form of help and will aim to link closely with our NHS and social care workers.”

So far, the plan consists of a volunteer-run phone line providing information relating the virus and ongoing pandemic.

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The service operates from Monday to Friday, between 10am and 4pm. Its aim is to give out information on local services that are operating and to signpost to organisations offering help and support.

Honiton transport charity TRIP is helping people carry out their shopping and delivers meals to vulnerable people.

The charity is carrying out the vital service between Monday and Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

TRIP is welcoming volunteers to help with its scheme – the aim is to build a network of trusted volunteers to fulfil specific tasks such as telephone befriending, checking on neighbours, collecting shopping and much more as we identify individuals in need.

Honiton-based bloodbikes charity Devon Freewheelers is delivering presciptions to people who have no-one else to help – call 0300 800 0109.

Mrs Penwarden said: “Other volunteer working groups are looking more closely at neighbourhood networking, food provision for children and more as we progress and more details of this will follow.

“Regular updates can also be found on the TRIP Facebook and the Honiton Health Matters Facebook and Twitter.

“Leaflets and posters outlining all of these details will be circulated within the next few days.”