Honiton crook admits Co-op burglary

Burglar James Collinwood David Trower is now on conditional bail.

HONITON burglar James Collinwood David Trower, 30, appeared in court at Exeter on Friday charged with the burglary of The Co-operative in Lace Walk. He was convicted on his first court appearance - after he admitted his involvement in the crime.

The store was burgled early on Thursday and electrical goods and alcohol stolen.

Trower entered an early guilty plea and has been remanded on conditional bail.

Excellent CCTV footage, supplied by Co-op, and quick detective work snared Trower within a short time of the crime being committed. His own bare faced cheek sealed is fate.

Full story in next week’s Midweek Herald.

* Police are now hunting Trower’s accomplice. See separate story on this website. Also visit the letters section of this website. Public anger over burglary leads to call for electric gates in Lace Walk and a complaint that burglar Trower was not put before the court in Honiton. Residents say they want to see his face.