Totally Locally Fiver Fest bargains bring shoppers to Honiton

Liz Pole promoting the Fiver Fest Picture: Totally Locally Honiton

Liz Pole promoting the Fiver Fest Picture: Totally Locally Honiton - Credit: Archant

Shoppers across Honiton are enjoying £5 bargains in the town’s first ever Fiver Fest which runs until Saturday 24th October. The Fiver Fest hopes to spread the message that if every adult in Honiton spent just £5 per week in a local, independent business rather than online or at a big supermarket, it could add an extra £2.3million into our local economy.

The Fiver Fest idea came about when members of environmental group Greener Honiton recognised that “shortening” Honiton’s supply chain by supporting local producers and traders would both benefit climate action and would set Honiton on a more prosperous and sustainable course for the future by keeping value in the community. A team of organisers; Kate Dixon, of the Photography Shop, Jason Hannay of CoolHeat Southwest, Fiona Hanratty of The Lacemaker Café, Helen Newman of Honiton Sports, software business owner Liz Pole, and Bev Stamp of Natural Beauty by Bev; have planned the campaign and are helping businesses with their offers and promotions.

Kate Dixon spoke on behalf of the tea, saying: “Just a tiny shift in Honiton’s shopping habits means more jobs, better facilities and a nicer place for us all to live”.

Helen Newman added: “The support from shoppers is already making a difference to small businesses. The excitement of seeing the new Fiver Fest offers coming onstream every day is creating a real team spirit among Fiver Fest traders”,

While Fiona Hanratty says she’s: “Optimistic that the Honiton community is going to keep shopping locally and independent to ensure Honiton’s economy not only survives but thrives”.

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Independent businesses are posting their promotions to a new Totally Locally Honiton Facebook page, which already has over 700 followers: and the website is featuring a permanent directory of the town’s independent businesses and charities.

Businesses taking part in Honiton’s Fiver Fest are putting on special £5 offers over two weeks to show the diversity and value of what they sell and to say thank you to the community for supporting them.

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Contact for more details.

Honiton Fiver Fest participants are making it easier to spend £5 locally by bringing you some amazing offers, so please ‘GET YOUR FIVERS READY’ and head to:

The Kate Dixon Photography Shop, Pavot, Honiton Sports Ltd, Lacemaker’s Cafe, RKL Tools and Hardware Honiton, JK’s Bistro, RootstoHealth, L’Reigns, Paddy The Hypnotherapist, Honiton Hearing Centre, Lombard Antiques, Devon Photography Training, @ZestCafe, Chippee, French Hen, The Honiton Wine Bar, Combe Farm Shop, Hillview Floristry, Pearl Nails Honiton, @jippijappa, Porkies the family butchers, Moba Boutique Honiton, The Coastal Boutique, James’ patisserie & sandwiches, @Manda Matilda Kraft

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