Honiton is ‘known as the Charity Shop Town’

And Lizzie thinks it brings people to Honiton

Once again the old complaint about too many charity shops and the rates they pay in Honiton has raised its ugly head.

Does Mandy Newman, the owner of Beauchamp Place, like having empty shops around the town?

It is now eight months since Oxfam closed and almost two years since Age Concern closed and both shops are still lying empty.

When Cats Protection took over 137 High Street, it had been closed for five years and was slowly going to ruin. Instead of attacking charity shops, why does the lady not lobby for an overall decrease in business rates? I will give her my support.

Some might not like it, but Honiton is now known widely as the Charity Shop Town and it brings people into the town. Would it be better if Honiton was known for its lack of shops and no one every came to the town?

Lizzie Manley

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