Honiton mayor-making - photo gallery

Newly installed mayor Vernon Whitlock reassures Honiton that the council will be working hard for the benefit of the town, but warns of a tough year ahead.

Honiton faces a challenging year ahead - that’s what newly-installed civic leader Vernon Whitlock told guests at the town’s mayor-making ceremony on Monday night.

“I think that every year previous mayors, myself included, have said that it will be a challenging year for the town council.

“This year will be no exception. But the town is represented by good councillors who will be working hard for Honiton. Looking at the coming year there will be reductions in funding and we are probably going to see quite a bit more.

“We need to be working closer with the district and county councils to address those to the benefit of the people of Honiton.”

He added: “Hopefully we can get two difficult issues resolved – allotments and the community complex. We are making big progress and what we need to be doing is involving more people in projects. I would like to encourage that as much as possible.”

Retiring councillors Michael Teare, Dianne Morgan, Alf Boom, Sally Casson, Martin McGuire and the outgoing mayor Peter Fleming received commemorative gifts for their years of service.

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The well-attended event included former mayors, students and staff rom Honiton Community College and Councillor Paul Diviani, the newly-elected leader of East Devon District Council.