Honiton: Memorial bush hacked to pieces by thieves

Pensioner, 80, is fuming and wants to castrate culprit.

WITH holly fetching �3 a sprig in the run-up to Christmas, an ornamental holly bush in Honiton found itself the target of thieves.

The huge bush, planted on a lawn on a residential estate in 1977 by a woman in memory of her late husband, was attacked from all sides.

The disgusted pensioner, who is 80, told The Midweek Herald: “I was more than shocked. In fact, I told my family I would castrate the thieves if I caught them.

“It was a really, really lovely holly bush, but a thief has taken bits from here, there and everywhere.”

She added: “It is naughty, but I can’t think who would have the neck to do such a thing. There weren’t any footprints in the snow but whoever stole the holly must have had a vehicle.”

The theft has been reported to police.