Honiton MP backs pig farmers

MP Neil Parish joins farmers outside Downing Street to call on supermarkets to pay a fair price for bacon.

THE MP for Tiverton and Honiton has joined local pig farmers to raise awareness of a growing problem facing the industry over the price of bacon.

MP Neil Parish joined farmers outside Downing Street today to call on supermarkets to pay a fair price for high welfare British bacon.

Mr Parish, who is a former farmer and member of the environment, food and rural affairs select committee, said: “Pig farming makes a valuable economic and social contribution to Devon including jobs for local people.

“My constituents should not be denied the opportunity to buy high welfare local British pork, and so I am calling on supermarkets today to pay a fair price to our farmers.”

The costs for farmers have been on the increase as the price of wheat used to feed pigs has nearly doubled in the last five months.

Local farmer Lester Bowker said: “The UK has the highest standards of animal welfare and people like to know where their meat is coming from and that is has been produced under humane and caring conditions.”

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Hundreds of pig producers met with MPs to present a petition to the Prime Minister, which has been signed by thousands of people.

The rally was part of the national Pigs Are Still Worth It campaign organised by the National Pig Association, which represents pig farmers and producers.

An early day motion has been scheduled in Parliament calling on MPs to support farmers and get supermarkets to take action.