Honiton provides guard of honour for Army in Wootton Bassett

Quirk of fate brings March for Honour and Honiton Army Cadets together again.

JUST days after they cheered the March for Honour into Honiton, the town’s Army Cadets were doing it all again - in Wootton Bassett.

After welcoming Royal Marines to Honiton last Friday, they went on to provide a guard of honour for the Army’s March for Honour team

Standing to attention alongside the Mayor of Wootton Basset on Sunday were young people from Honiton - who had stopped off in the town on their way back from a major event at the National Memorial Arboretum, in Staffordshire.

When they heard the marchers were due to arrive, they stayed on to offer their support.

The news was greeted with a cheer on another bus returning to Honiton from the arboretum.

More than 60 people from Honiton travelled to the arboretum - to watch the completion of the second annual Baton Run, led by Alan Rowe MBE.

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Major Helen Turner, a leader at Honiton Army Cadets, said: “After we left the arboretum, we travelled home via Wootton Bassett as we wanted to stop and take a photo.

“About two miles fromWootton Bassett we passed the March for Honour Army team. When we got to Wootton Bassett, we just pulled into a side road to find somewhere for a photo when an outrider for the March for Honour came over and showed us where the war memorial was.

“He also showed us where we could park our bus.”

Mrs Turner added: “The people were so hospitable, we were overwhelmed.

“We were shown to the Cross Keys public house where we were allowed to use the toilets. We were given tea and coffee. The assistant mayor was there and talked to us and the cadets for ages.

!As the Army team were only 20 minutes away, we stayed and cheered them in.

“We have also left an entry in the Book of Remembrance that Royal Marine Ram Patten will be taking to the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday.”