Honiton residents fed up with being left in the dark

Power cuts causing inconvenience on the Heathfield estate.

RESIDENTS on part of a Honiton estate say they are fed up with being left in the dark every time there is a storm.

Power cuts have been affecting the lower part of the Heathfield estate for up to ten years.

Western Power Distribution says it is unaware of a problem and that works currently being undertaken on the estate are to assist businesses at Heathpark Industrial Estate.

“Whenever we have heavy rain, we have mini blackouts,” said Jean Wood, 76, of Cypress Close. “But last Friday, after a succession of short power cuts, the electric went off at 5.30pm and didn’t come back on again until almost 9pm.

“I was having my hair done at the time and had just gone under the dryer.”

Mrs Wood said the power cut delayed her mobile hairdresser, who stayed for an extra hour.

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Hilary Edwards, 59, of Cypress Close, said: “We do have a problem during wet, stormy weather.”

Pensioner Stella Miles said: “The electric keeps going off and coming on.

“Last Friday evening, it was off for some time.”

Mrs Miles said the evening blackout meant she was unable to cook food.

“My husband had been away and was hungry, but I couldn’t cook him his tea,” she said.

Residents claim the lower half of the Heathfield estate is being affected by the power cuts.

A spokeswoman for Western Power Distribution said: “We are currently reinforcing our 11,000 volt network to meet the demands of the neighbouring industrial estate.

“We are not aware of a problem and we always respond if people call in.”