Honiton residents protect property against thieves

Special postcoding event held on St Paul’s estate.

SECURITY was the theme of the day on the St Paul’s estate in Honiton as residents came out in force to protect their property against thieves.

PCSOs Sue Rowe and Phil Anning held a special postcoding event on the estate, where they were on hand to security mark resident’s property including bikes, scooters and mobile phones.

The event proved very popular, especially with children who were queuing up to have their bikes and scooters marked with their names.

PCSO Phil Anning said: “By marking property it makes police enquiries much easier and means we would be able to punish the thief if the property is proven to be stolen as we can check the property details at the road side. I would encourage people to mark any of their property in their home with their details.”

People can mark items in their home as well as other electrical items such as lawn mowers with a UV pen or alternative markers with your postcode and house number or name, which will help police to trace the owner if they are ever stolen.

It is also a good idea to make a note of the serial numbers of your property.

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When marking your property with a UV pen make sure it is in an area which is not handled very often as the mark can fade over time.