Honiton residents still in shock over armed raid

Bungling burglars raise the fear of crime.

HONITONIANS are still coming to terms with an aggravated burglary, which has sent shock waves through the town.

The incident saw armed intruders confront a family in the Rosemount Lane area with hand guns and a knife.

Residents were shocked by the incident, which they did not expect to happen in the area.

Jack Ford, 83, from Honiton said: “It did worry me. We talk about not seeing so many police as it is and it could get worse with all the spending cuts.

“I’ve not known anything like it and I’ve been here for 10 years. It is very unusual.”

Mrs Stamp, 39, from Honiton said: “It is scary when you have got kids.

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“When it is a small town you don’t expect it to happen but it can.

“I keep all my windows and doors locked - I never leave them open,

“I know years ago you could but now you can’t.”

Louise Bradbury, 31, from Honiton said: “It is just not Honiton. It is not what you expect for a small town.”

Mrs Goodsall, from Honiton, said: “It is very unusual. You don’t hear things like that.

“It was horrible for the people as well. Any break-in does have an effect on you as your space has been invaded.

“I think we need more police presence in the town,”

Godfrey Clark, 65, from Honiton said: “All burglaries are not to be tolerated by the community.

“To have that sort of thing happen in an area like this is a shock.

“The community as a whole needs to stand up to it.

“You would like to think that you are safe in your own home.

“I wouldn’t expect it to happen here. This is Honiton, it is a peaceful town where people just want to get on with their lives without being challenged by thugs.”

Graham Blissett, 66, from Honiton said: “It is unusual for this town to have something like that happen.

“Nothing would shock me these days.”

Lisa Smith, 41, from Honiton said: “It is terrible that you don’t feel safe in your own home.

“It did scare me a little. I’ve got dog to protect me in the house so I will be alright but I didn’t expect it in Honiton.”