Honiton rockers split after 15 years

Solo project for Sweet Black Angels’ former front man.

ONe of the most successful rock bands to come out of Honiton has called it a day after 15 years.

Sweet Black Angels front man Scott Phillips made the announcement on the band’s Facebook page earlier this month.

The band, first formed in 1996, was made up of Scott Phillips, Dan Phillips, Mark Fowler, Andrew Chaplin and Andrew ‘Smoo’ Wall.

It enjoyed success with songs such as This Is Our Day, She Makes Me and Envy.

The band’s journey saw members record two studio albums and a live album, as well as playing gigs in Iceland, New York and Nice.

The melodic folk rock group supported world famous artists, including Wishbone Ash, Alabama 3, Mark Chadwick, from the Levellers, and The Pogues.

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Scott said: “After 15 years of the band being together, gigging and travelling the world, obviously I feel saddened by the break up, but for the last couple of years there were signs that this would eventually happen.”

Increasing commitments outside of the band contributed to the band’s decision to split.

Scott added: “Each year we were booking less and less gigs, due to other commitments within the band, and it got to the point where it was at a virtual stand still which, for me, as the songwriter, was getting more and more frustrating and a very hard decision had to be made.

“We had to do The Pogues gig at Christmas as an acoustic duo in the end and that made up my mind about what had to happen.

“We all have different priorities and, at this moment in time, mine is music and to move forward and get new material recorded. We had to call it a day with Sweet Black Angels.”

Sweet Black Angels have plenty of memories, including playing to a crowd of 10,000 people at The Bulldog Bash Festival, which Scott says they will never forget.

However, the music will play on for Scott, who will be embarking on a solo acoustic tour with The Peaceful Hooligan project.

He said: “I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years,.

“We have always had great support, especially any trips to London we have done over the years, the Honitonians were always the loudest fans at the venue.”

The lead singer and guitarist believes it is unlikely that Sweet Black Angels will reform, but he has not completely ruled out the idea.