Honiton’s Eva gives something back with cross-stitch creations

Evelyn Hodge with her cross-stitch cushion at Hospiscare. Ref mhh 04-17TI 9534. Picture: Terry Ife

Evelyn Hodge with her cross-stitch cushion at Hospiscare. Ref mhh 04-17TI 9534. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Pensioner Eva Hodge’s passion for cross-stitch will feature in wedding ceremonies held at Hospiscare.

Great-grandmother-of-five Eva’s love for her cross-stitch hobby came to an abrupt end when her beloved daughter, Jacqueline Greengrass, from Northcott Hill, Honiton, died three years ago aged 56, after optical melanoma spread to her liver.

Now Eva, aged 79, of Snowdrop Close, Honiton, has donated several completed cross-stitch creations to Hospiscare in memory of her much-loved daughter, and to thank the charity for Jacqueline’s end-of-life care.

The stitched images have been turned into cushions for the benefit of the Dryden Road Hospiscare visitors, families and their loved-ones.

One special creation – known as united in marriage – has been set aside for couples getting married at the hospice.

Mum-of-three Eva said: “Hospiscare is where my Jacqueline was. They were absolutely wonderful to her. I know it’s their job but they are lovely people.

“My Jacqueline was so, ill but they took care of her so well. I wanted to give something back.”

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Eva said talented Jacqueline was a skilled and creative seamstress but could not master cross-stitch.

“I said to Jacqueline, ‘I have actually found something that you can’t do’.

“She used to like them. When I used to finish one I used to take it to show her.

“I would sit there for hours doing them.

“I enjoyed doing them. Then I completely stopped when Jacqueline passed.

“I couldn’t get back into it and I miss it.”

Tina Naldrett, director of care at Hospiscare, said: “The donation of creative cross-stitch by Mr and Mrs Hodge in memory of Jacqueline, has allowed us to be creative too.

“A nurse who sews for a hobby has turned them into cushions which people can enjoy as they sit in the garden room next to our ward.

“One cushion, which has a delightful picture of a bride, is to be added to our wedding box, which we use for unexpected and last-minute weddings held here at Hospiscare.

“When every day matters, adding to people’s experience and happiness is a big part of the care here at Hospiscare.”

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