Sisters urge supporters to keep giving as mum battles to beat cancer

Suzy Hinds, left, on her last visit to Honiton before her cancer was diagnosed

Suzy Hinds, left, on her last visit to Honiton before her cancer was diagnosed - Credit: Emma Stannard

Two Honiton sisters who are fundraising to pay for their mum’s cancer treatment in the United States renewed their appeal for help this week.
Emma and Leanne Stannard are chasing a target of £50,000.
Emma, 28, shaved off her hair and Leanne, 31, endured a slimy ordeal to further boost the fighting fund, which has now reached £3,436.
But there is a long way togo – and the two mums hope generous Honiton people will continue to support their campaign.
Emma, said that her mum, Suzy Hinds, had begun chemotherapy treatment and was feeling “really poorly”.
She said: “After six long days in the hospital mum was discharged yesterday. After multiple MRI scans and an operation on her elbow to help stop the infection she’s finally home!
“She will now have a nurse come to the house every day to administer antibiotics through her port.  Chemo was cancelled this week as mum was a bit too poorly.
“Hospital fees are now totalling in around $80,000 so if you can help please donate. We would really appreciate the help.” 
Suzy, 57, who has lived in Florida with husband Jerry for 10 years, was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the start of January and the status of the disease was put at stage two to three. But by the time she had her next appointment doctors assessed her condition as stage four.
Emma told the Herald: “The cancer progressed to mum’s bladder, then to her pelvis, lymph nodes and hip bone.
“She started chemotherapy to shrink the tumour and radiation therapy will probably be next.”
Emma, who lives in Jerrard Close and works as a project co-ordinator for digital services provider Cosmic on Heathpark in Honiton, decided she would have her hair cut off in solidarity with her mum.
Emma added: “We are so grateful for all the support we are getting. As well as highlighting mum’s situation we want to raise awareness of cervical cancer and stress the importance for women to go and have their smear tests. Leanne and I have both had our tests. We know it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing but it is so important to have the test.”
You can find Emma’s GoFundMe page at this address:

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