Honiton social club threatened with closure

Staff and members given three months to save The Legion.

The Royal British Legion Club in Honiton is facing closure.

Staff at the Dowell Street complex have been given three months to turn the club’s fortunes around.

In an exclusive interview with the Midweek Herald, club steward Vince Palmer admitted: “The club is losing money.”

He said: “It is as a result of the recession.

“We have got plenty of bookings, but people just aren’t spending money.

“It is cheaper for people to go to supermarkets to buy their beer these days.”

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The club has kept hire prices to a minimum – to help struggling local organisations keep going through tough economic times.

Mr Palmer and club secretary Belinda Dickens on Monday outlined their fears about the proposed development of a �2m community centre almost opposite The Legion.

“They keep going on about the community centre, but we are struggling,” said Mr Palmer. “It will put a knife in our back, if it is built.

“If the town council supported us, we would be able to keep going and provide the town with a ready-made community centre.”

Ms Dickens said: “We have been working hard to promote events and entertainment at the club to a wider audience.

“We have set up a website, a Facebook page and started advertising.

““We recently staged a concert featuring A J’s Big Band, which cost a lot of money to put on, but only 30 people turned up.”

The Legion, which was built by members and opened in 1948, is considering starting a film club and on Friday (July 1) will be staging a rock and roll night.

Join The Midweek Herald at The Legion on Friday, July 22, for a night of entertainment featuring rock singer and guitarist John de Barra. Entry will be free.