Honiton Surgery invitation to carers

Newly identified carers offered health and wellbeing checks.

Newly identified carers are being offered health and wellbeing checks at Honiton Surgery.

The hour long check gives carers an opportunity to assess and discuss with a nurse their physical, mental and emotional health, and will offer, where appropriate, a vascular check which predicts the risk of developing problems such as heart disease.

a spokesman for the surgery said: “So often, people do not consider themselves to be a carer, even though they may spend several hours every week caring for a relative, friend or neighbour, and do not realise how important it is to look after their own health.

“If you are a carer, please let a member of staff at Honiton Surgery know.

“They will then ensure that you receive any relevant information or arrange for you to be booked in for a health check with a specially trained member of the nursing team.”

Carers who have had a full health check in the past two years are not included in the new offer. However, if anyone feels they would benefit from a further check up, they should call Lorraine Ritchie at Honiton Surgery.