Honiton tax shock

CCTV shows contractos working for DVLA reversing back along a one-way street to clamp car at Royal British Legion.

A Honiton man was left “disgusted” after the DVLA broke the law to clamp his son’s car – while it was parked on private land.

Contractors working for the DVLA were captured on CCTV at the Royal British Legion Club, in Dowell Street, reversing a white van back along a one way system to clamp the car. An investigation has been launched and disciplinary action is pending.

Seconds before, camera footage shows a man checking out vehicles in the club’s private car park.

A Peugeot 106, which had been delivered to the car park by Otter Vale Garage just hours before, ended up being clamped for having no tax disc – even though it had not been driven on a public road.

Vince Palmer, 55, the club’s steward, bought the car for his 22-year-old son, Glenn.

“The car was delivered at 2.30pm last Wednesday and at precisely 10.44am on the following day the vehicle was clamped by the DVLA,” he said.

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“CCTV footage at the club shows a man wearing black clothing checking out every vehicle in the private car park.

“It then shows a white van reversing back up the one way system towards the Royal British Legion and my son’s car being clamped.”

Glenn is a chef at The Riviera Hotel in Sidmouth and was working shifts when the car was delivered.

By the time the car had been clamped, he had the tax disc in his pocket at work. He has got to pay �100 to have the clamp taken off.

“I have never heard of this happening before,” said his dad. “Why didn’t they come into the club and make inquiries. I was here.”

Mr Palmer added: “I think it is disgusting.

“How do you expect youngsters to uphold the law when they are not given a chance?”

A spokesman for DVLA contractors NSL said: “It is a legal requirement for the keeper of a vehicle to ensure that it is, at all times, either taxed or declared off road via a SORN declaration.

“Since October 2008, new legal powers allow authorised persons, such as NSL’s DVLA operatives, to take enforcement action on vehicles even if they are in off-road locations. With this vehicle, NSL ran a check with DVLA whilst at the road-side, which confirmed that it was neither taxed nor declared off the road, and we, therefore, took appropriate action.

“With regard to claims of inappropriate or dangerous driving, any breach in legal or civil requirements by NSL staff is considered unacceptable and a full and comprehensive investigation has been promptly undertaken.

“NSL unreservedly apologies for our driver’s failure to adhere to road traffic regulations and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”