Laptops and tablet help primary school

Littletown Primary Academy headmaster David Perkins, left, and Luke Dolby of Honiton's Tech Shop

Littletown Primary Academy headmaster David Perkins, left, receives laptops and an iPad from Luke Dolby of Honiton's Tech Shop - Credit: Luke Dolby

Honiton’s Littletown Primary Academy has issued a big thank-you to the town’s Tech Shop for its generous donation of three laptops and an iPad to the school to help with children’s education during the covid-19 pandemic.
The devices were donated to the shop, where Luke Dolby received them and passed them to the school.
Headmaster David Perkins said: “Littletown Primary Academy would like to thank the Tech Shop for their generous donation.
“The devices, which were donated by generous local residents to the Honiton Tech shop, were passed to the school yesterday. They will be used to support learning for families where access to technology is a barrier.”
Mr Perkins said it was very generous of both the local residents who donated devices, and of the Tech Shop to think of Littletown and help the school in supporting its families. 
He added: “Littletown children are all working so hard on their learning at the moment both in school and at home and these devices will really help some families where a lack of technology can have an impact on learning.”

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