Honiton tenants claim victory

Double yellow lines removed.

Residents at a block of council flats in Honiton are claiming victory - after East Devon District Council removed parking restrictions.

Double yellow lines, painted on the access road to Dunning Court just over a month ago, have been removed following a campaign by angry tenants.

Just seven parking places were provided for 36 dwellings when the Dowell Street development was constructed two decades ago. The restrictions meant many tenants, their carers and visitors were forced to pay �1 an hour to leave their vehicles in nearby Lace Walk car park.

“Everybody is a lot happier now,” said resident Michael Baker, who helped spearhead the campaign.

“We are pleased the council has taken the yellow lines and hedge out. We would have liked the kerb being pushed back a bit, but two out of three isn’t bad.”

Mr Baker said, while the tenants are grateful the council listened to their concerns, he did not think officials had a lot of choice in the matter.

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“For the amount of us that turned out to protest, they had to listen,” he told the Midweek Herald. “Tenant participation was at least 50 per cent.”

He added: “It was concerning that the council did not seem to care if carers and visitors had somewhere to park.

“Now, when you apply for planning permission, you’ve got to include a set amount of parking spaces per dwelling.

“It was a bit of a mistake to only provide seven spaces when they built Dunning Court.”