Honiton terror alerts blasted

Public address announcements at Honiton Railway Station are too loud, say residents.

South West Trains has got the message loud and clear - public address announcements are irritating residents living near Honiton Railway Station.

Checks are to be carried out on volume levels during a review of the “quality and number” of announcements being made on the platforms.

An announcement warning passengers not to leave items unattended at the station is currently being broadcast up to 50 times a day, according to fed up neighbours.

Pensioner Jean Turl, of Jerrard Close, complained after she was bombarded with the messages in her own home.

“It is dreadful. I can hear the announcements when I am in my kitchen,” she said.

“It is irritating me.

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“Even after I’ve complained, I can hear ‘Please do not leave parcels or packages on the platform’ every 15 minutes.

“It needn’t be so loud that the whole of Honiton hears it.”

Miss Turl says she is also irritated by a message that advises passengers to tell a guard if they feel unwell during a journey.

She first complained to staff at the railway station and subsequently filled in a complaint form.

“I know I’m not the only one who has complained,” she told The Herald.

A spokesperson for South West Trains said: “We are currently reviewing the quality and number of our train and station announcements.

“This will include checks on the volume levels.

“In the case of Honiton station, we will also carry out some tests, and make any necessary amendments, to ensure that it is working as it should.”