Honiton ‘throne’ not fit for a queen

Vandal does a poo on toilet floor.

Not every ‘throne’ is fit for a queen in Honiton.

Mindless vandals used bricks to smash a toilet pan at public loos in King Street - and then defecated on the floor.

The disgusting act led workmen to screw shut one of the cubicles - until full repairs could be carried out.

It is understood by the Midweek Herald that the toilet was broken into.

East Devon District Council, which invested thousands of pounds on the state-of-the-art facilities, is now investigating the purchase of new door locks.

A spokesman said: “The toilet door was kicked in and a door to one of the cubicles had to be screwed shut until repairs could be made. Vandals also threw bricks into the pan and defecated on the floor.”

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The spokesman added: “We are investigating which type of door locks will be most effective in allowing customers access, whilst deterring vandalism.”

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