Honiton woman fined for wasting police time

Action taken after resident failed to heed police advice.

A HONITON woman, who repeatedly called police to complain about parked vehicles blocking her drive, has been issued with a fixed penalty fine for wasting police time.

The middle-aged woman, who asked not to be named, told the Midweek Herald she had paid the �80 fine, but did not think it should have been issued.

“I rang the police loads of times,” she admitted, pointing out her husband is disabled and access to their property should be kept clear at all times.

She added: “On this occasion, my drive was blocked by a car and I was expecting someone.

“By the time an officer arrived, the car had gone and I was issued with the fine.

“I am not happy at all. It is essential to keep the drive clear for emergency purposes.”

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Sergeant Martin Burrow told The Midweek Herald: “I am aware of this incident and how it has been dealt with by my colleagues.

“I can confirm that the lady in question has been provided with advice on how and when to contact police appropriately, if she has concerns.

“Unfortunately, she decided not to follow this advice, which is why this action has been taken.”