Hopes of breakthrough in eyesore battle

Council investigating ownership of derelict Axminster town centre properties

Campaigners battling to rid Axminster of its town centre eyesores have been given hope a breakthrough in the long running saga.

Mayor Andrew Moulding revealed last week that East Devon District Council is currently taking an active interest in the derelict area around the former Websters Garage.

He told town councillors that Axminster Community Enterprise group (ACE), of which he is chairman, had been told that officials from the district authority were to investigate the ownerships of the different properties around the site.

“The estates department is doing a trawl of all the buildings around the central hub of Websters to see who the owners are and then we can have a meeting to see how we can progress matters,” he said.

Cllr Moulding’s comments came after pensioner Ken Gray, speaking during the public forum, asked what action was being taken to get the former Busy Bee florists’ shop – next to Websters – tidied up. He said he had recently seen a man with a clipboard there making notes.

Cllr Moulding said that building was in the same ownership as the former Websters garage, next door.

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Mr Gray said the building was a “perfect disgrace” and he also criticised spending �2,000 on a mural to mask the front of the garage site next door, a council-backed community project which is currently under way.

He said the money would be better spent on new doors for The Guildhall.