Hospital closed to inpatients during deep clean

Outpatients will not be affected, says NHS.

PATIENTS will not be admitted to Axminster Community Hospital for two weeks while the building undergoes a clean-up.

No inpatients will be accepted between June 28 and July 12, but the outpatient service will continue as normal.

The hospital will undergo a routine deep clean process, which is part of a rolling programme across NHS Devon’s 21 community hospitals in a bid to fight infections.

Jan Ingram, assistant director of health and social care for NHS Devon, said: “The deep clean programme has been carefully planned to ensure minimum disruption to patients.”

All other community hospitals in East Devon will remain open during this period.

The programme also includes maintenance and improvement works. It is said to be designed to cause as little dirsuption to patients as possible.

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It will also create opportunities for staff to undergo further training or gain experience in other areas.