How much would you spend to get over an ex?

Not as much as socialite Paris Hilton! It would appear, a tub of ice cream would do the trick for Midweek Herald readers.

HOW much would you spend to get over an ex?

American socialite Paris Hilton is reported to have spent thousands of pounds on Champage alone after a recent break-up.

In Honiton, women are more likely to treat themselves to a tub of ice cream, you have told us.

But, according to research conducted by an online pawnbroker, 47 per cent of people in the South West spend up to �5,000 to mend a broken heart.

The survey, by, found that 88 per cent of people in the UK would spend this sum of money on nights out, holidays and cars.

Men were found to spend more, while women tended to opt for the cheaper ‘pick me ups’, with up to �100 going towards a new look or pampering.

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The Midweek Herald took to the streets of Honiton to find if people really do splash the cash to get over an ex.

Jackie Raphael, from Higher Tale, near Honiton, said: “I would hope I would never need to, because I have been so happily married for 33 years.

“In some cases, I suppose people could spend more - to try to console themselves - but not as much as �5,000.

“I would talk to friends and hope they would be helpful.”

Sharon Holloway, 35, from Honiton said: “That seems a lot of money, compared to the wages down here.

“I wouldn’t. I might get a new hair cut.

“Men would, maybe, spend it on cars or motorbikes.”

George Morgan, 62, from Honiton said: “I doubt it – I wouldn’t spend that sort of money.

“I can’t see the point, really. People must spend different amounts.”

Tanya Marriott, 15, said: “I can’t imagine spending that much on trying to get over someone. It is very surprising.

“I think some ice cream would do me.”

Her friend Luanne Hoare, 15 said: “I can’t imagine someone spending �5,000 either to get over someone. I personally wouldn’t.”