HQ move to Honiton: are you bothered?

Residents say ‘no not really’

Will it make a difference to Honiton if East Devon District Council moves its headquarters to the town?

That is the question the Midweek Herald put to residents last week.

The move from Knowle at Sidmouth could be on the cards following a behind closed doors meeting of the authority’s cabinet.

Heathpark Industrial Estate has been selected as the favoured site.

Some residents say they welcome the move and feel it would be good for the town, although others question why a move is needed.

Tony Smith, the chairman of the Senior Council for Honiton, said: “We are more important than Sidmouth.

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“Honiton has been for many centuries the gateway to Devon.

“A move by East Devon District Council to Honiton will be for the better.

“If the district council comes here it might appreciate what the people here in Honiton want.

“I would welcome the move.”

Karen Harris, 51, of Honiton, said: “I can’t see why East Devon District Council has to move.

“I am more interested in the council dealing with local issues.

“I am not bothered if the district council moves.”

Richard Lowe, 41, of Shute, said: “I don’t think the district council moving from Sidmouth to Honiton will make a difference, but it would be a good thing for Honiton.

“It would be Sidmouth’s loss and Honiton’s gain.”

Ruth Paulley, 45, of Honiton, said: “I don’t think a move is going to make a difference - it’s probably going to be another waste of money.

“If the district council comes to Honiton, it might appreciate our problems a bit more.”

Elaine Butler, 50, of Honiton, said: “It is a good idea to move the district council from Sidmouth to Honiton. It would mean people without cars, who can’t get to Sidmouth, have more of an opportunity to go and see the council.

“I would definitely welcome the move.”

The project is to be kept under review - so watch this space.