Hundreds of homes still need to be occupied before Cranbrook’s first skatepark can be built

Hundreds of more homes need to be occupied in Cranbrook before the chance to build a skate park can

Hundreds of more homes need to be occupied in Cranbrook before the chance to build a skate park can be unlocked for the town. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

More than 500 homes still need to be occupied in Cranbrook to unlock the opportunity for the town’s first skatepark to be built.

The Herald can reveal that once 2,250 homes are lived in at Cranbrook, developers are required to provide the amenity.

As of April 2018, Cranbrook had 1,734 occupied homes – meaning 516 houses still need to be filled to trigger the build of the skatepark.

A spokesperson for East Devon District Council said: “The planning permission for Cranbrook secures funds to deliver a skateboard park within the town centre and the developers are required to provide it prior to occupation of 2,250 homes.

“The trigger had previously been 2,000 homes.

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“This number was recently varied to enable further discussions about options for the location of the skate park and consideration of how it sits alongside the numerous other activities proposed for the town centre.”

The district council said it is a ‘difficult and uncertain time’ to be planning a new town centre amid the collapse of several big high street stores.

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The authority reiterated the importance of getting the ‘right balance’ between community facilities, retail and leisure space, and homes, adding: “We are developing an understanding of what a 21st century town centre should be and how we can deliver a viable town centre for now and the future in partnership with the town council and the developers.

“The location of the skatepark is a key element of the town centre and a decision on its location cannot be made in isolation of other key decisions.

“We are working hard to avoid conflict with other uses that are also proposed within the town centre such as a care home, library and town hall and to ensure that it is well related to other youth facilities.

“This work is complex but vital to ensure that the town centre at Cranbrook meets the needs of all groups in the community and pulls in people from the surrounding area.

“It is not the council’s intention to delay delivery of the skateboard park - indeed there has been no delay to date, but it is important that the right location for this and other key activities are found, so we can ensure that Cranbrook’s town centre is a big success.”

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