I admire courage of Honiton councillors

Council firmly behind centre plans, says Payhembury resident.

How good to see that Honiton Town Council has voted to seek planning permission for the new community centre.

The fact that the vote was heavily in favour of this move shows that, at last, the town council is firmly behind the proposal.

Your newspaper has constantly given prominence to the no-sayers and sceptics who have tried to undermine the council’s wish to provide a suitable community hall space for the town. Your very large headline ’Reckless’ bid gets go-ahead hits readers unduly with the views of one member of the public but with a vote of eleven to three in favour, it is clear that the great majority of councillors have the vision to see Honiton provided with a flexible and much needed community space.

I admire their courage and look forward to visiting and using a vibrant and long-awaited facility.

John Somers