I can see so many signs of love and hope in the world

The Rev Lythan Nevard. Picture: JAMES COOK.

The Rev Lythan Nevard. Picture: JAMES COOK. - Credit: Archant

As we were nearing Easter, I spotted a Facebook post which summed up how I felt “This is the Lentiest Lent I ever Lented”.

Lent is that long period before Easter when Christians give things up as a kind of self-denial preparing us for Holy Week.

Well now we have celebrated Easter I reckon this is the Lentiest Easter I ever Eastered.

Don’t get me wrong – Easter day was fabulous.

As ever, the whole world was covered by cries of “Alleluia, Christ is risen!” even though this year it was all done digitally.

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But somehow, continuing in lockdown makes it still feel very much like Lent – full of self-denial and wondering what day it is or how long until the next meal.

And yet… Easter it is.

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And if I just look around instead of feeling sorry for myself, I can see so many signs of love and hope in the world.

I see… starry skies and clear water in our local streams; people staying at home to keep as many folk as possible healthy and social distancing when out; appreciation of all key workers keeping us going; more people volunteering than tasks for them to do.

I appreciate what I have – I came home with a cucumber and some bread from my local shop and felt like I had won the lottery!

I need to make sure that I am seeing the world as one of the Easter people – who knows and celebrates God’s miracle of new life in Jesus and lives a life of love and hope.

We don’t know when this time of lockdown will end, hopefully not all the way to Lent next year.

But I hope that through it all I will stay an Easter person – celebrating not just God’s promise fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus but also those signs of hope and love that echo that all around me today.

Happy Easter everyone!

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