I don’t have the energy anymore

I have the greatest respect for our Mayor, Bob Palacio, and I support his work. However, he has inadvertently mis-led your readers over my personal reasons for resigning from Seaton Town Council.

Three and a half years ago, I became a Town Councillor because - though lacking time – I had a social conscience and truly wanted what was best for the town.

Since then, I have put the needs of Seaton high above my own needs and those of my family. When EDDC granted permission for the ‘regeneration’ and, latterly, the fill process, I had to accept that, no matter how much time and energy I gave, I could not make a difference to the outcome.

I feel that, with climate change and oil security issues so high on central government’s agenda, EDDC should be acting differently. On top of this, the positive atmosphere in council chambers has recently changed because meetings now start with criticism and demands fired each time by the same, small group of people.

All considered, I find it impossible to muster the energy to continue giving more than I am able. So, my leaving was not a protest, but a realisation that my family and I must come first and foremost. Having given so much time and energy, how can we have let the people of Seaton down? After all, we gave more than most of the population and now it is over to somebody else!

As an independent councillor and volunteer, this was my first and last experience in politics and, although I’ve learned a lot, in future I will keep a low profile.

I wish Bob and all remaining and future councillors lots of luck and hope for a positive and resilient future for Seaton.

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Claire Wise

3 Meadow Road, Seaton