I'm registering my objection

PUBLISHED: 14:44 06 February 2008 | UPDATED: 14:45 20 April 2010

Having looked at Tesco's plans and considered the implications, I register my objection to Tesco's relocation and the demolition of Tesco's present store in Battishorne Way. Common sense must enter into this. Ensuing traffic congestion and chaos and nuisa

Having looked at Tesco's plans and considered the implications, I register my objection to Tesco's relocation and the demolition of Tesco's present store in Battishorne Way. Common sense must enter into this. Ensuing traffic congestion and chaos and nuisance, would seem to be the main objection. 1. Even on ordinary days in Honiton, and in the winter season, very often the tailback of traffic feeding into Honiton High Street from Dowell Street and Honiton High Street itself - both eastward and westward - is considerable. I have personally experienced a 40-minute wait getting out of Lace Walk car park onto Dowell Street. This is not unusual. In the summer, delays can be more prolonged. Matters will worsen if Tesco relocates to Ottery Moor Lane, because many shoppers south of Honiton stop at Tesco's present store - which is on the outskirts of Honiton and south of Honiton. They have no need to venture en masse into Honiton township. If Tesco relocates, all this extra traffic will need to actually drive into the bottleneck of Exeter Road/Honiton High Street before turning left into Ottery Moor Lane. It is a two-lane thoroughfare with no capacity to widen the road into a left turn and straight on. As well, it should be considered where the mass of Honiton's population resides. It has been quoted that over eighty per cent lives south of Honiton High Street. At the moment, shopping at Tesco is keeping to the outskirts of town - and many shoppers actually manage to walk to and from Tesco, because large estates are within walking distance. This will not be the case if Tesco is allowed to relocate. For the comparatively few pedestrians, they will need to cross the busy Honiton High Street . I see no provision for pedestrian crossings or a pedestrian bridge. More shoppers will need to resort to cars to do their shopping. 2. Tesco states that articulated lorries will deliver overnight "minimising traffic problems". Is this an admission that there will be day-time traffic problems? The plans mention an expected back up of 19 vehicles at some stage. 3. Overnight artic traffic, changing gear and revving to negotiate the bends will increase the nuisance factor for those living in and adjacent to Ottery Moor Lane. A straight road would mean a constant hum of traffic noise. 4. St Rita's presently enjoys a national and international reputation for its retreats. There are not many places left for quiet contemplation. This will be ruined by the excess traffic noise generated if Tesco is allowed to relocate. 5. Tesco states that their large car park will be a free facility for two hours, allowing shoppers to patronise Tesco and then walk into town for other purposes, thus relieving car parking in Honiton town centre. 6. There is no mention of a petrol station being constructed on the proposed relocation. If the complete demolition of the present site is allowed, then more traffic will be using Exeter Road/Honiton High Street to fill up at the remaining sites at Heathfield and Honiton Motel. 7. If Tesco plan to re-stock overnight, this suggests there will not be 24-hour opening times. This means that shoppers will not be able to do their shopping when traffic is likely to be less. Apart from the traffic question, Honiton traders and businesses object to the proximity of Tesco's relocation. I add my objection to theirs, fearing that Honiton would cease to be the attractive township it presently is. Tourism would suffer. Tesco management states that their present store is not capable of satisfying the needs of shoppers. This will undoubtedly change when Aldi is in operation. As a discount store, Aldi will siphon off a goodly proportion of shoppers who now patronise Tesco. This would partly invalidate Tesco's claim that they need a bigger store. And, if indeed, they still feel they need to expand, why don't they do the sensible thing and enlarge the present Tesco store? A two-storey (or more) car park would not seem to be an insurmountable problem and an adjacent two-storey shopping annexe encroaching on present car parking space would seem well within reason. I trust that the planning department of EDDC will take very seriously the overwhelming concern of the majority of Honitonians that we do not want Tesco to relocate. Sheila McBrearty Ridgeway Honiton

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