If you DON’T grit, I’ll sue

I am incensed at just having read a story in The Midweek Herald about the suggestion that East Devon District Council (EDDC) will not be salting public car parks in Honiton, etc., for fear of litigation and insurance claims.

I’ve never heard such stupid, irresponsible, PC clap-trap from pencil-pushing bureaucrats in my life!

In a civilised democracy for a hundred years, authorities and councils have made provision for its citizens in a responsible way, by charging a local tax for just owning a property. In the 21st century that tax, now called the council tax, is levied in a extortionate manner to provide reducing services.

I applaud Mr Roger Giles’ attitude in stating that the council has a duty to provide a safe environment in which to walk and drive in public places.

I, for one, will sue EDDC for every possible penny should I fall and injure myself on unsalted public spaces - if they make the decision not take proper preventative action to protect tax payers.

In effect, they would be making prisoners of the elderly or disabled. It’s EDDC’s responsibility to take the necessary preventative action on behalf of us all.

Earlier this year, Dunkeswell was cut-off for two days due to highways gritting trucks not being able to get through on a BUS route following the heavy snow.

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Yet, on the first day of the major snows of 1962, I was delivering newspapers as a teenager on my paper-round through drifts six feet deep. Strange how society coped then, but not now, with six inches! I am beginning to think that society in this country is losing its grip and going backwards instead of progressing.

Councils and society in general should make a stand against the growing threat of a litigious society.

Stand up and be counted, EDDC councillors!

Derek Athey

Kennedy Way