‘Ill-judged’ Langford Road proposals slammed

Honiton residents sign a petition for planned parking restrictions at Langford Road. Ref mhh 5308-03

Honiton residents sign a petition for planned parking restrictions at Langford Road. Ref mhh 5308-03-15AW. Picture: Alex Walton - Credit: Archant

A petition has been launched opposing further parking restrictions on the road

A resident who started a petition against further restrictions in a Honiton road has slammed Devon County Council (DCC) for its lack of consultation.

Monkton Road resident Ross Penwill said he and his neighbours wrote to around 80 households in the area, notifying them of plans to stop motorists being able to wait at any time in Langford Road.

This would remove obstructive parking which is impacting on visibility at a crossing point near a new development in the area.

A DCC spokesman said that if the plans are enforced, three car parking spaces could be lost.

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But Mr Penwill said that many households did not know about the plans until they received his letter.

Notices outlining the plans have been posted locally, but Mr Penwill said not enough was done to inform residents of them.

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He said: “A couple of notices on lamp columns and failing to arrange for the appropriate documents to be available at Honiton Library hardly counts as a consultation at all.

“I have spoken to the majority of the households most affected by these proposals and the vast number would not have known about the proposed removal of parking had my neighbours and I not written.

“Of those households, all but two supported our objection petition.

“One couple who would otherwise have signed our petition have vowed never again to stand up to DCC, so tired are they of being ignored.

“For them and the many other objectors, I only hope DCC now listens to local voices and drops these ill-judged proposals.”

A DCC spokesman said: “The proposals have been advertised in the Herald and on site as part of the statutory consultation process to seek the views of the public.

“It has been identified that documents have not been available for inspection at Honiton Library so we have extended the consultation until [Wednesday] February 4.

“We welcome written responses to this consultation and any comments received will then be considered by the local members, before any decision is made on the proposals.”

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