Impose heavier fines on irresponsible dog owners

Reader says it’s time for tougher action.

Some weeks ago, the on-going problem of anti-sociai dog-owners allowing their animals to foul footpaths and open spaces in Honiton was raised again.

There was the usual chorus of “It’s not us - we clean up after our pets”, but, from my experience on a recent walk to the High Street via the Glen and Queen Street, it would appear that those who pick up after their dogs are being outnumbered by those who do not.

The return walk up New street and Church Hill revealed yet more disgusting examples of thoughtless dog ownership.

The “doggy deposits” had been retrieved, but the black plastic bags had then been carefully placed on someone’s garden wall and on one of the benches towards the top of the hill.

Surely, it is now time for the council to take a stand on this matter and, perhaps, follow the example of the council in Hyndburn, Lancashire, and ask the Government for increased powers in order that penalty orders of �1,000 may be imposed on owners who ignore dog control orders that require them to clean up after their animals?

J M Jones,

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