Independent school launches bursary scheme

Manor House School at Honiton is to offer bursaries to the parents of children entering their reception class each September.

Manor House School at Honiton is to offer bursaries to the parents of children entering their reception class each September. Four places are to be offered, at fees reduced by up to 50 per cent, to families with children already at the school and also to families who are new to Manor House, a development that is aimed at making the School stronger, offering new opportunities to families for whom the School is an aspiration, not a reality.

The School is looking for well adjusted, co-operative children with supportive parents to take up bursary assisted places, rather than restricting the available opportunities to scholarly pupils.

A bursary at Manor House opens the door to a new perspective on private education, where children are given the chance to express themselves, develop and grow. Staff at the School are proud of the high standard of pastoral care that has developed a tangible atmosphere of happiness, enthusiasm, ambition, mutual respect and politeness recognised by parents, visitors and inspectors alike. At Manor House the creative arts (art, music and drama) are boldly used to inspire children and give them the confidence and self esteem that will impact positively on the quality of learning in all other subjects.

Courses stimulate and enthuse children, stretching and challenging high achievers and support, encourage and reward those who are less able. All courses comply with modern educational requirements but are adapted to suit the needs of the smaller classes of our School. A full range of subjects including Maths, English, Science, I.C.T., humanities, art and craft, French from the age of 6, religious education and music, use an imaginative blend of traditional and modern teaching methods. An ethos of respect, endeavour, integrity and care defines the pupils and staff of Manor House School, marking the School as unique.

Every pupil is a member of one of three houses and House Captains also share in the pastoral responsibility for pupils in their house. Theo Zimbler of Form 6 and Captain of Merlin House, when asked to comment on Manor House School, said "I think the education here is very good, the teachers listen to us, the ICT Suite and science lab are stimulating and all the children are very kind".

The deadline for parents who wish to apply for a bursary for admission to the Reception Class in September 2009 is March 1st 2009.