Infuriated by council’s waste clampdown

‘Ridiculous restrictions’

The article Watch your Waste! really infuriated us.

We were one of the ones who had an officious sticker slapped on our wheelie bin, which was less than a centimetre open at the top.

If the council did as it should, and collected ALL the things that can be recycled, people’s rubbish bags wouldn’t be so full. For instance, we have approximately 10 one litre soya milk cartons that go in our rubbish every week. They clearly have the recycling symbol on them, but we are not allowed to put them out for recycling. We do compress them, but they should not be going in landfill full stop. Likewise, the council have rejected the clear plastic containers that summer berries have come in, again, they have to end up in the rubbish and should not. Cardboard is another commodity that they should collect, but don’t.

If the council simply did as they should (and given the exorbitant council tax we have to pay, they should) then people’s rubbish bags would not be so full, but they would rather blame the consumer.

By the way, we are a household of just my husband and myself, god only know how a family of four cope with these ridiculous restrictions.

Siobhan Lancaster

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