Interesting ideas

But they need careful consideration.

Two alternative sites are now being proposed for Honiton Community Centre.

These need to be carefully considered.

Bear in mind that the Dowell Street sites are council owned. We do not have to pay for them.

The Cattle Market is not, so far as I know, for sale.

If the site became available we should have to find the money to buy it. We should also have to pay for clearing the existing buildings before we could begin to build.

Frankly, we cannot afford it.

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The Royal British Legion buildings were built in the 1970s and now need a lot of work done on them. This is expensive.

The Legion is an old established charity. Its Trustees have a legal and moral duty to make the best use they can of their assets to meet the needs of the ex-servicemen (and women) they serve. The last estimate I heard valued their property at over �1,000,000.

We cannot afford this either.

We have to face facts.

Margaret Mundie


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