International Nursing Day

Nurses in Seaton are delving into the history books to celebrate International Nurses Day.

Nurses in Seaton are delving into the history books to celebrate International Nurses Day.Seaton hospital, which is run by Devon Primary Care Trust (PCT), will mark the occasion with a display that looks back at the history of nursing and how nurses' roles have changed through the years.The event takes place on 12 May and falls on the birthday of Florence Nightingale.Visitors to the hospital will also be welcomed by a presentation on the life of Florence Nightingale.The hospital's new matron, Diane Walker, will give a talk on what it means to be a nurse and how the role has changed through the years.This will take place at 11am, when six students from Colyton Grammar School will visit the hospital, and again at 2pm when six pupils from Seaton Primary School will visit."It's such an important day for nurses and everyone at the hospital is looking forward to it," she said."It's so appropriate that we celebrate it on the birthday of Florence Nightingale given that she was a pioneer for infection control practices and was largely responsible for the early reforms to nursing and healthcare."Today, nurses face a challenging job, but the rewards are there for all to see."They play a vital part in the delivery of healthcare and all patients and their carers depend on their knowledge and skills."We are one big team at Seaton. Our nurses work closely with occupational therapists (OTs), physiotherapists, GPs, community nurses and social services to ensure that patients' health and social needs are met."The hospital's League of Friends' are kindly providing light refreshments from 12pm on the day.Other hospitals in the Devon PCT area are also celebrating World Nurses Day.