Investigation after accident at Honiton pool

Jonathan is recovering in a wheelchair after being injured in an accident during a fun splash session.

LEISURE East Devon has launched an investigation after a teenager was hospitalised following an accident at Honiton Swimming Pool.

Jonathan Salisbury (pictured), 16, sustained a bruised pancreas and is recovering in a wheelchair after a visit to a fun splash session.

His mum, Carla, says the injury was caused when a lifeguard shook a large inflatable, causing another boy to fall from a tower and land on Jonathan’s stomach.

Andy Reay, head of operations at Leisure East Devon, said: “We are extremely concerned at the discomfort experienced by Jonathan Salisbury during his visit to the fun splash at Honiton Swimming Pool.

“We are conducting an investigation and can confirm that procedures have been put in place immediately to ensure that such an incident will not occur in future.”

Jonathan told the Midweek Herald that he temporarily lost his hearing and vision and was sick following the accident.

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He later collapsed in a neighbour’s garden in Willow Walk and was taken to Honiton Community Hospital for a check-up. Jonathan had been vomiting blood and was in excruciating pain.

An ambulance was then called to his home a few hours later and he was rushed to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, where it was feared he may have suffered a ruptured spleen.

“He was in hospital for 24 hours and I was really cross,” said Mrs Salisbury.

“I accept it was an accident, but inflatables should not be shaken.

“I don’t want it to happen to anybody else.”

Jonathan is now on the road to recovery, but was confined to a wheelchair after being discharged from hospital.

He ate his first meal in over a week on Monday and has been praised by teachers for still turning up to sit his GCSE exams in Exeter.