Is it time to bin fortnightly rubbish collections?

Residents feel weekly rubbish collections would help families and stop waste piling up.

EAST DEVON residents have rubbished fortnightly refuse collections and come out in support of Government proposals to bring back a weekly service.

Local authorities across England could soon be offered cash incentives to resume the weekly collections.

Many residents feel big families would see the benefit and there would no longer be mounting piles of rubbish outside people’s homes.

However, some people believe the service should stay as it is.

Alan Kettle, 78, of West Hill, said: “I think the council should bring back weekly rubbish collections.

“My wife and I, fortunately, don’t have a lot of waste but, from the point of view of health and that sort of thing, weekly collections should be brought back.

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“I don’t know why we came away from it.

“Weekly collections would be much better.”

Daniel Stork, 34, of Honiton, said: “We should return to weekly collections, so we don’t have rubbish piling up outside of the door.

“Potentially, it has health benefits as you won’t have stinking nappies piling up for two weeks.

“The area would look tidier.”

Diane Wood, 50, of Honiton, said: “The current rubbish collections don’t affect us. If you have got a family it would affect you more.

“My daughter has a little boy and could do with a rubbish collection every week.”

Bruce Lowrie, 53, of Honiton, said: “We should keep rubbish collections the way they are. The service is very good - it is spot on.”

Sean McCrum of Honiton, said: “Yes, without a doubt, we should return to weekly rubbish collections.

“Even if you are careful with your rubbish, after two weeks it starts to pong - especially in this hot weather.

“It should go back to collections once a week. A collection every two weeks is just not on.”

Jane Gilley, 58, of Honiton, said: “Weekly rubbish collections would be much better, otherwise you have to keep it outside the house for two weeks where it is smelly and horrible.

“It would have health benefits.

“Although, the rubbish is collected regularly - once a fortnight.”

Barbara Sanders, 68, of Honiton, said: “We’re quite happy with the rubbish collections as they are.

“For people with families, certainly the fortnightly collections do have an affect but, because we recycle, we have very little rubbish anyway.”

Her husband, David, added: “It depends on the family; as a couple, we don’t have a lot of waste.

“We don’t find the fortnightly rubbish collections a problem.

“If you have a big family and don’t recycle it would be a problem.”