Is this a waste of money?

Lollipop lady paid to press button on pelican crossing.

I am a young resident of Honiton and would like to have a bit of a grumble.

A number of years ago money was spent putting in a pelican crossing on the A375 close to the Mini roundabout at the junction of Rosemount and Beggars Lane.

I agree with the instalment of the crossing and believe it is a safe means to cross the busy main road.

What I can’t seem to get my head around is that, in times of financial hardship, the council is paying for a lollipop lady to press the button when pedestrians are approaching to cross.

Is it me or does this seem to be a complete waste of money?

The pedestrians who use the crossing are either children old enough to walk home from school themselves or children accompanied by a parent/guardian, both of which I am confident in saying know how to use the crossing and are quite capable of pressing the button themselves.

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I don’t know how much she is paid, but I’m sure the money could be spent on actually making a difference.

Daniel Turner