Jasper’s barefoot run was good for the sole!

It really hurt, but he completed 18km Honiton challenge.

A WINDOW fitter from Honiton has completed an 18km run around the town – barefoot.

Brave Jasper Tirard, 28, undertook The Amazing Tribute to Zola Budd run to raise enough cash for him to join a Honiton Community Church mission to Zambia.

“I was cycling barefoot one day when the idea came to me,” he said. “It was interesting and something hard for me to achieve.

“Running barefoot really hurts.”

Jasper managed to complete the run with just a few minor blisters, but he was in training for three months before undertaking the challenge.

So far, the run has raised �433 and donations are still being received.

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Honiton Community Church is forging a strong link with communities in Zambia.

“I hope to do a bit of teaching – and learning,” said Jasper.

Reflecting on his incredible, barefoot run, he added: “As one of my friend’s said, it was good for the sole!”