Jim Knight: an honourable man

Sadness over town council resignation.

I am particularly saddened to read of the resignation of Jim Knight from Seaton Town Council.

When Stand up for Seaton formed the majority of councillors at the town council, we found him to be an honourable councillor who put the needs of Seaton before anything else.

I am sure he would not have taken this decision lightly.

I share his sadness about the inability of some current councillors to put Seaton first before personal and political agendas. This has no place at town level, having been bad enough for Seaton at district level. St Clare’s is the only community resource left in Seaton which has not been privatised or sold. When it is gone it can never be replaced.

We already have an over-abundance of housing being built or planned for our small town, please let us pull together on this and give Jim the support he needs and deserves.

Sandra Semple

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